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100 Things to Spend Your Tax Refund On

Posted: March 5, 2011 by kegelharley in Uncategorized

After you have finished pulling your hair out, screaming at your tax person and accountant, spend weeks of sleepless nights, and go through about $200 in coffee in just a week…. you are rewarded with your annual tax refund. At last! It’s here!….

…Now what?

Now it’s time to treat yourself for the past year of hard work! Here are 100 things you could treat yourself or a friend/family member to:

1. New motorcycle (models start at just $7,999!)
2. Big bore kit to up your performance
3. FXRG Leather Jacket to keep you safe
4. Rain gear to keep you dry
5. Lightweight nylon jacket
6. Mesh Hydration jacket
7. Hydration packs for your jacket
8. Fingerless gloves
9. Full-finger gloves
10.  Waterproof hoodie
11. Modular helmet
12. Full-face helmet to keep you safe
13. 3/4 helmet
14. 1/2 helmet
15. Jeans to look and feel good in
16. 3-in-1 jacket
17. Travel mug for your commute coffee
18. Photo album
19. Wine glasses
20. Shot glasses for those rough days
21. Photo frames to display your friends and family in
22. Tin signs
23. Neon clock that will look cool in your Harley room
24. Wall mount bottle opener
25. Desk accessories
26. Cooler
27.Travel clock
28. Coasters to keep your table nice
29. Knit hat
30. Balaclava
31. Neck warmer
32. Ear warmer
33. Heated vest
34. Heated jacket for those cold nights
35. Heated gloves
36. Heated pants
37. Short sleeve button down shirt to look good after the ride
38. Long sleeve button down shirt
39. Pullover hoodie
40. Zip-up hoodie
41. Day/night lens eyewear to protect your eyes at all times
42. Baseball cap
43. Tri-fold wallet
44. Bi-fold wallet
45. Wallet chain to keep your money close
46. Money clip
47. Belt
48. Belt buckle
49. Luggage for your road trips
50. Road Tech GPS Navigator to keep you going in the right direction
51. Boom! Audio music & intercom kit
52. Boom! Audio XM Radio kit
53. HD Smart Security System to keep your bike safe
54. Remote control garage door opener
55. Tour-pak rack lid
56. Sissy bar backpack
57. Square saddlebag cooler to quench your thirst on those long rides
58. Two-pocket fairing pouch
59. Tw0-pocket windshield pouch
60. Rider cup holder to keep your drink close at hand
61. Magnetic tank tote
62. Tribal collection mirrors
63. Mirrors with auxiliary running lights
64. Willie G. Skull collection mirrors
65. Silencer collection hand grips
66. Edge cut collection hand grips
67. Tribal collection hand grips
68. Willie G. Skull collection hand grips
69. Flame collection hand grips
70. Black Flame hand control lever kit
71. Mini footboard kit
72. Edge cut collection footpegs
73. Silencer collection footpegs
74. Tribal collection footpegs
75. Flame collection footpegs
76. Edge cut collection shifter peg
77. Screamin’ Eagle Street Performance Slip-on Mufflers
78. Diamond Ice Collection air cleaner trim
79. Oasis day cover
80. Harley bubble cover
81. Circulator seat pads
82. Premium cotton indoor storage cover
83. Breathable indoor storage cover
84. Skull collection LED fuel gauge
85. Screamin’ Eagle medallion
86. Digital oil pressure gauge in chrome
87. Solo spring saddle in brown leather
88. Electra-glo light pod kit
89. Billet analog clock
90. All-in-one folding tool
91. Fill-n-go fuel tank funnel to avoid messes
92. Snap-On tool kit
93. Digital tire pressure gauge
94. Compact first aid kit
95. Compact tire gauge and tread depth indicator
96. HOG Blaster motorcycle dryer to avoid water spots
97. Detailing kit to keep your bike looking its best
98. Wash mitt
99. Disposable oil absorbent work station mat
100. SuperSmart battery tender


Make The Most Of 2011

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What kind of memories stand out the most when you think back over the past year? Did live 2010 to its fullest potential?

Some may think it sounds a little intimidating, but I think that having a Bucket List for each year helps keep you in line and living life to the max. Some items on the list may be a bit extreme (like say, skydiving?) and some a little more tame (making time to have dinner with your parents every month). I like to think that when it comes to adding things having to do with Harley-Davidson to your list, they can be easily achieved! There are tons of things that you can do for little to no cost, or with just a little bit of saving. I guess that’s one of the advantages of living in Northern Illinois… we have at least 4 months to save our money so we can have fun during the warmer months!

Here are a couple of things that should be on everyone’s Bucket List in 2011…

1. Learn to Ride…. and ride safely. When was the last time you rode on a bicycle? Riding a motorcycle is pretty similar, when it comes down to it! Harley-Davidson has classes to help you get on a motorcycle and learn to ride it as safely as possible. Classes are less than $350, we provide the bike, and take just a single weekend with our award winning instructors.

2. Rent a bike you’ve never ridden before. It’s a lot cheaper than renting a car, and a whole lot more fun! Bring in your license showing your M class, then pick out the bike that you would like to rent. Never been on a V-Rod before but always wanted to? Here’s your chance for a day-trip with one! Or how about the big touring bike you’ve been hesitant about getting, but would be convenient for that trip to Daytona in March or Sturgis in August? Rental rates start at just $65.

3. Buy a new motorcycle. Big step, I know… but we can’t make excuses forever! 2011 models have some incredible features… the CVO models even come with iPods! Can you imagine what the 2012 models will have come this August? Best yet is that models start at just $7,999. That’s less than a lot of people pay for a used car. Factor in the gas savings and the priceless feeling of freedom…. do I really need to continue?

4. Start (or continue) customizing your bike. Chrome or black? Performance or style? Or maybe a mixture of everything? Did you know that there are thousands of options to customize your bike with? Mirrors, grips, brake and clutch lines, turn signals, speedometer and tachometers, headlamps, foot controls, covers, hardware, oil lines, gauges, stereos, footpegs, seats, wheels, tires, paint… and the list continues! It doesn’t cost an arm, leg and your first born child to make your bike match your personality. With the help of our salesmen and parts professionals, we can make sure your bike fits YOU the way that you want it to!

5. Be in style, both on and off the bike. Fashions are constantly changing. Thankfully, we are able to keep up with the trends, keep you looking the way you want and provide safety all at the same time. From performance leathers and boots to fashionable heels and dress shirts, we have price points to match nearly every budget. Leathers start at just $199, and come with a 5-year warranty (except for the FXRG, which has a limited lifetime warranty).

6. Go on at least one group ride. Not only are group rides a ton of fun, but they give you a chance to meet other riders that have the same interests as you! Besides… why do you need more than one reason to go for a ride?

7. Join the National HOG Club. At just $45 for a year,  you get money saving programs as well as chances to go on trips of a lifetime with other riders. AT&T and Best Western discounts, reimbursement for safe rider courses, roadside assistance, Fly & Ride program, HD Insurance, motorcycle shipping, ABCs of Touring, touring handbook, patches and pins, theft reward program, and soooo much more.

8. Join your Local HOG Club. Membership for Rock River HOG is just $10 a year. This close-knit group of riders go on tons of dinner rides, chili cook-offs, camping trips, parties, and just ride in general! Meet some new friends close to home, and gain memories to last a lifetime.

9. Attend at least one seminar. You may think you know everything and sometimes be able to prove it, but I bet you will learn at least one new thing when you attend one of our seminars. Throughout the year we have seminars teaching about group riding, road trips, helmets, leather, boots, bike storage, and many more. The times range from 10 minutes to an hour, and are always free.

10. Attend the Illinois State HOG Rally. While the Rally is just for HOG members, the festivities continue at the dealership all weekend long. This will be the first year that Rockford will host the State Rally, and we are SO excited for the opportunity! Hopefully you will take the chance and come out to this memorable event in June.

So will you make the most of 2011? What kind of things are on your Bucket List this year?

Return Policies

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Whether we like it or not, every year we give or receive gifts that will ultimately be returned.

Consumer Reports estimate that 20% of Americans will return at least one gift from this holiday season. The National Retail Federation estimates that the value of holiday returns will be up more than $1 billion this year, to $43.82 billion. Even scarier for the retailers is that the industry will lose about $3.68 billion in return fraud. What happened to the holiday spirit? Does it vanish after the last gift is opened?

Our advice to you this time of year, when you’re returning or exchanging your holiday gifts: Make sure you have your receipts and tags on hand, read the return policies on the receipts, and go in with a smile! If in doubt, give the store a call and explain what you want to return. We’ll walk you through the rest.

2010 – Year in Review

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Every year right after Christmas, it’s amazing to think back about everything that has happened throughout the year .

Where did the year go? What in the world happened to make the summer fly by so quickly? What do you mean, Christmas already came and went?! I didn’t get to ride nearly as much as I wanted to!

Let’s take a trip to remember some of the things that happened during 2010…

International Motorcycle Show Bus Trip.

February 2010.

As always the bus was packed full of people and there was a lot to be seen at the show! New bikes, old bikes, merchandise, and lots of people from all over.




New Bike Buyers of 2009 Appreciation Party.

February 2010.

This year’s theme was “South of the Border”. We had a ton of prizes donated from local businesses available, a wild fashion show, a photo booth, discounts, and entertainment to rock the night away. Every year these parties are a blast with the different themes! Sorry, no hints as to what this year’s theme will be for the new bike buyers of 2010!


Press Conference for 2011 State HOG Rally.

March 2010.

You got it… the 2011 Illinois State HOG Rally will be in ROCKFORD this year!! We are SO excited to have our city host it this year, and have a lot of stuff lined up for that weekend. We’ll be talking about it more as the event gets closer!


Women’s Garage Party IX.

March 2010.

As always the Garage Party was a huge hit! We love seeing the look of accomplishment spread across the womens’ faces when they realize that they just picked up a big motorcycle off of the ground, or the excitement of learning the ways that they can add accessories to a motorcycle.


Rumble at the Temple 2010.

April 2010.

Kegels was a proud sponsor of Rumble at the Temple, which took place at Tebala Shrine and gave those who attended a chance to win a new 2010 Sportster 883. Will you be there this year for your chance to win??


Karl’s Spring Ride.

April 2010.

These guys were anxious to get their bikes back on the road (totally understandable!) and there was a great turnout for this chilly April ride led by Karl Kegel. This was the first of many free rides that we had throughout the year, purely for the enjoyment of riding.


Bike Blessing and Pet Adoption.

May 2010.

The day was absolutely beautiful for the bike blessing and pet adoption! Many people came out to have their bike blessed by the Christian Motorcycle Association and check out the adorable dogs and cats that were up for adoption from Noah’s Ark.


Blood Drive and Product Seminars. 

May 2010.

The Rock River Blood Center had their big green bus parked out front for the day for dozens of people to donate their blood. While they waited, we had four different product seminars to educate them about helmets, leathers, eyewear, and rain gear.


Annual Executive Ride to Milwaukee.

May 2010.

This annual ride gives riders a chance to explore all that Wisconsin has to offer, including a trip through Milwaukee, the home of Harley-Davidson. Because of our close proximity to Milwaukee and title of world’s oldest family owned dealership, the ride makes a stop over the border to Rockford to grab a bite to eat and browse the dealership.


Mel’s Ride to Milwaukee.

May 2010.

May is known as Women Rider’s Month, and Harley-Davidson holds a big party to celebrate women riders in downtown Milwaukee. Mel Kegel led a ride of both men and women up to the party to join in on the festivities, which included a band, food, drink, bike demos, and more.


Biker Jam 2010.

June 2010.

This year’s Biker Jam started with a torrential downpour of rain along with lightning and thunder… what a nightmare!! However, the sun broke through and turned the day into a scorcher, allowing everyone to ride their bike in and take part in one of our biggest events of the year.


Dogs for Dads.

Father’s Day, June 2010.

Kegel’s staff brought out the grill and cooked hot dogs for fathers and their families for father’s day.




Bruce’s Ride. 

July 2010.

Another one of our free rides led by the sales manager Bruce. The turnout for the free rides is always great… who wouldn’t want a good excuse to go riding on a beautiful day?!




Karl & Rich’s Ride to the Harley-Davidson Museum.

July 2010.

Karl Kegel and service manager Rich led a group of people up to Milwaukee for a tour through the Harley-Davidson Museum. Everyone had a wonderful time, and say that the trip is definitely worth it if you get a chance to go up there!


Ladies Night.

August 2010.

We closed the store to all men and only allowed women to come in and shop, eat, drink, and socialize for a couple of hours. The deals were great and the women even greater! Everyone had such a good time, that another Ladies Night is being planned for this year.



Garage Party X.

August 2010.

This Garage Party was a little more intimate than others, allowing more one-on-one time and more questions than usual.



Hot Bikes & Hot Rods Show.

August 2010.

This year’s show brought out a ton of people on a blazing hot day. There were so many amazing looking bikes and cars, it was hard to pick a winner!



Mark & Allen’s Chicago Style Ride.

August 2010.

Mark Kegel & Rentals/Rider’s Edge director Allen did a free group ride to Sycamore, Illinois to visit the infamous Portillos Hot Dogs. The ride, as always, had a great turnout and everyone loved treating themselves to some wonderful italian beef.



Harley’s Heroes Tour.

August 2010.

The Harley’s Heroes Tour rolled through the dealership to help veterans get all of the benefits that they are entitled to. There were vendors and veterans out to show their support, and a raffle benefiting  disabled veterans.



2011 MY Open House and 9/11 Remembrance Ride.

September 2010.

This year’s Open House introduced some pretty awesome new bike models for 2011 and brought out a lot of people who braved the rain to be able to remember 9/11. There was a chance to buy a brick for the 9/11 Memorial that will be built in downtown Rockford.



1st Annual Swap Meet, Bike Show, and Rock River HOG Chili Cook Off.

September 2010.

The day after the Open House kept festivities going with a swap meet, bike show, and chili cook off for the members of Rock River HOG. For our first swap meet ever, the turnout was better than expected and there are plans for another one this spring!



Fall Color Ride.

October 2010.

Cold weather didn’t stop these guys from coming out to enjoy another ride! Beautiful fall colors welcomed the riders in the beginning, and warm food and treats of the season welcomed them back when they reached the end of the ride.


Champagne Party.

November 2010.

The 21st annual Champagne Party was our best one yet!! Everyone had fun be it a customer or an employee. The champagne was flowing, the food was great, the band and DJ kept the good times going, and the holiday spirit was in the air. Thank you to all of the employees, the vendors, and most importantly thank you to the customers who came out to spend the evening with us!!


Breakfast/Lunch with Santa.

December 2010.

The big man in red joined everyone in the diner as they ate their breakfast and lunch. There was an opportunity to have your photo taken and kids got to let him know what was on their wish list.




This year was full of  good times and good people!! Thank you everyone who joined us in the fun throughout the year, we couldn’t have done it without all of you. We have a lot in store for 2011 to keep the good times going, so be sure to watch out for us on here, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, the radio and TV! Have a safe and happy new year!

Black Friday

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It’s coming…. the day that really does last 24 hours or more for some people, leaves many injured, earns stores enough money to get out of the red, and gives a LOT of good deals. You got it, that day is Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving first became known as Black Friday as far back as 1869, but gained exposure in the sense that we know it today as early as 1966. Every since the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924, the day after Thanksgiving has been known as the unofficial start to the holiday season.

This Friday we have some sales and specials of our own for the frantic shoppers. 20% off licensed children’s clothing and select licensed home accessories are just the beginning! We will have free cider, coffee and cookies for the early shoppers from 9-11 or until sold out. Throw in some free gift wrapping with your purchases (with tips being donated to support the troops), and you have one big day of shopping! Give us a call at 815-332-7125 for more details. Harley-Davidson has a ton of gift ideas to fit every type of budget and personality.

Here in the dealership, we have some ideas for you to get while you’re here over the Black Friday weekend or during the final shopping days until Christmas. Some items may need to be ordered, so make sure you do so before December 7th to ensure holiday delivery!

Most wished for parts & accessories (as of October 2010):

Service Manuals
Willie G. Skull Collection Items
Chrome Switch Housing Kits
Boom! Audio Tank Pouch
Black Hand Control Lever Kits
Dark Custom Logo Collection Items
Lighted LCD Dipstick
Diamond Black Collection Items
Owner’s Manuals
Breathable Indoor Storage Cover

Most wished for motorclothes (as of October 2010):

Women’s Pink Label Leather Jacket
Women’s Pink Label Activewear Hoodie
Women’s Embellished Zip-Front Hoodie
Women’s Alexa Boots
Men’s Reflective Skull Leather Jacket
Women’s Pink Label Activewear Pants
Rain Gaitors
Women’s Reflective Skull Leather Jacket
Women’s Colorblock Hoodie
Men’s Illumination 360 Jacket
Men’s Stamped Lounge Pant
Men’s Heated Jacket Liner

Some statistics and trivia about Black Friday:

45 — Percent of consumers who shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday

2008 was the only year that saw a plunge in the sales of electronics in the Black Friday history.

Sales in 2009 were $10.66 billion on Black Friday, up .5% from 2008.

66 – Percent of Black Friday shoppers who say they shop for themselves the day after Thanksgiving

The holiday shopping season accounts for $500 billion in sales to year and Black Friday generates about $10 billion of that

About one in five adults are going to purchase Flat panel TVs during or after the holiday shopping season. More adults are going to buy a flat screen TV after the holiday season.

Electronics were the most favorite items in Black Friday 2009

Sweetest Day

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You know about birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day…. but do you know about Sweetest Day? A lot of people think that Sweetest Day is just a big “Hallmark Holiday” to sell cards and candy. Wikipedia says:

Sweetest Day is an observance celebrated primarily in the Great Lakes region, and parts of the Northeast United States on the third Saturday in October. Once known as a day to spread love and cheer to the unfortunate, this popular holiday in the northern U.S. is now known as a day to show affection to the loved ones in your life. It is described by Retail Confectioners International as an “occasion which offers all of us an opportunity to remember not only the sick, aged and orphaned, but also friends, relatives and associates whose helpfulness and kindness we have enjoyed.”

The first Sweetest Day was on October 8th, 1921 in Cleveland, Ohio. A committee of 12 candy makers distributed over 20,000 boxes of candy to “newsboys, orphans, old folks, and the poor” throughout Cleveland. Today the holiday is celebrated in various parts of the US by giving small gifts, cards and candy to loved ones. It is a widely accepted holiday in Detroit, Cleveland, and Buffalo but slow to catch on in other parts of the country because of being seen as a “Hallmark Holiday”.

Pink Label Shirt

Pink Label Shirt


If you aren’t really sure what to give for Sweetest Day, we have a few ideas for you! While we don’t have Sweetest Day cards or candy to give, we do have plenty of little items that won’t break the bank but still have a lot of meaning. Take for instance items from the Pink Label line. October is breast cancer awareness month, so in honor of that we are giving away a free pink ribbon bandana with every Pink Label purchase (not to mention a portion of every purchase will be donated to a breast cancer survivor support network).

Not a fan of pink? Around Harley, there is always plenty of black to be found! A men’s t-shirt averages to be about $23 dollars… have us put it in a nice box and a gift bag done up with

Skull Leather Jacket

Skull Leather Jacket

tissue, and you have a nice gift under $25! Or if you have a little bit of cash burning a hole in your pocket, our leathers are top quality and will last forever just like your love for your sweetheart (everyone say “awwwwww” with me now!).

Maybe something for both of you is more your kind of thing… We have a ton of items ranging from barware to billiard equipment to camping supplies that you can use to decorate your house or entertain with style.


Sweetest Day is October 16th this year… that’s just 3 days away! So stop by and see one of our awesome sales associates as soon as you can.

Heated Gear 101

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The weather these past couple weeks has been pretty unpredictable, and a little bit chilly to say the least. It isn’t quite October yet, but it feels like it might turn to winter at any second and we might see a little bit of (GASP!) snow! I know that dreaded ‘s’ word shouldn’t be allowed when it comes to talking about motorcycles… but let’s face it. We live in Northern Illinois, and we have 4 seasons to the extreme. Thankfully, we can delay the icky weather making us put the bikes away.

How is that, you ask? The wonderful, wonderful world of heated gear. You can get heated gloves, jackets, vests, pants, hand grips, seats…. and I’m telling you that they are awesome. Imagine going out to start your bike, and it is about 55 degrees out. Yikes! Now what? Have no fear… plug in the heated gear, hop on and go! You are nice and toasty from your fingertips down to your ankles with the help of heated gloves, jacket, and pants. Don’t feel like adding extra layers? Install some heated grips and a heated seat. Those combined with your normal cold-weather gear will keep you warm for your ride to work or wherever you may be going.

Some may be a little intimidated by all of the wires and connections for heated gear. Don’t worry, it can definitely look that way at first. That is where your friendly MotorClothes and P&A staff here at Kegels come in! We have been trained on how to use this complicated looking stuff so all you have to do is plug in and go. Before I get into how to connect everything, let’s take a look at what the heated gear is made out of.

Heated gear as seen through an infrared camera

Harley-Davidson® heated jacket liner and glove as seen through an infrared camera.

Harley-Davidson®’s heated gear is made using Microwire® Heat Technology. Microwire® is lighter, thinner, and more durable that any other heating technology to date. It heats up very fast and is pliable even in subfreezing temperatures. These advantages will keep you warmer, more comfortable, and won’t fail when you need it most.

Harley® now sells two types of heated gear: plug-in (using your motorcycle battery) and battery-powered (using a 7-volt lithium battery). How do you know which one to use? It will all depend on the type of riding you plan on doing. The plug-in style (all heated gear) is ideal for longer trips. It provides intense and uniform heat coverage, requires less amperage for less drain on the bike battery, and has color coded plugs for easy connections. The battery-powered style (gloves) provides greater ease of use and mobility especially for shorter-distance trips. Once again it provides all over heat coverage, and there is NO drain on your bike battery. The battery lasts about 2-6 hours, depending on the heat settings. If you aren’t sure which type of riding you will be doing or you do a bit of both, the dual-source heated gear (vests and gloves) can be either plugged-in or run on battery power! It is by far the most veratile heated gear option.

So how do you connect all of this stuff? It’s pretty simple, just remember these few things:

If you are using just one piece of heated gear, plug in the provided battery harness & power switch and you are good to go!

If you are using a jacket and gloves, connect the provided battery harness as usual. Connect the end of the harness to either a dual source thermostat or a Y-Plug splitter. Connect the two wires from the inside of the jacket (labeled gloves and jacket) to the Y-Plug splitter. Connect your gloves to the wires in the sleeves, turn it on and go!

Dual Control Thermostat

Dual Control Thermostat

If you are using a combination of any other two (or three) pieces of heated gear, do the same thing as stated above. The pants will plug into the Accessory wire in the jacket. See? That’s not so bad! If you still have some trouble getting everything sorted out, come in and ask one of us for help.

A few tips for your heated gear:

  • Use only the connecting harness supplied with Harley-Davidson® heated gear. DO NOT use the batter tender harness that may already be installed on a motorcycle.
  • Heated gear must be used with the provided power switch or with an available thermostat (single and dual control thermostats available)
  • If heated gear will be worn by both rider and passenger, install TWO connecting harnesses to the battery terminals
  • Do not switch on the heated gear if the motorcycle engine is turned off or is running below the indicated engine speed.
  • The battery life of your battery-powered gear will be reduced the longer it is used and if stored below -4 degrees F or above 100 degrees F. The batteries typically have a shelf life of 14 months before it will begin to lose charge.
  • If you are using more than one piece of heated gear, you will need a Y-Plug splitter or a dual control thermostat
  • Don’t worry about getting wet. All of the wiring is coated so there is no risk of shock from getting wet. The liners are not waterproof, however so don’t forget your rain gear or FXRG gear.
  • All items except for the gloves are washable. Hand wash in mild soap, rinse thoroughly and hang to dry. Do NOT dry clean.

Last but not least, remember that there will be 20% off heated gear, heated grips and heated seats during the month of October! Plus get 10% off the installation of heated grips and seats.

Have a great day and ride safe!

Diagrams of heated gear installation:

Heated Gear with Dual Thermostat

Heated Gear with Single Thermostat